LS300 with Morningstar EMC-1


I’m very new to this so please help if possible.

Trying to set up the EMC-1 to operate with LS300. EMC-1 is used as an interface to transmit data to web server from solar charge controller. Just having a lot of difficulties setting them both up.

In the MS-Comms-Doc 2010 (attached below) describes on page 59 how to set up EMC-1 and a router. Please, can someone read through the steps and help me.

Rather confused about a couple of issues:

Firstly what would the IP address be to connect to EMC-1 through the LS300? Would it be the EMC-1 IP address or LS300? As far as I can see the LS300 IP address is, but when pinged nothing comes back? The EMC-a IP address when connected via ethernet to a computer is

I have set up port forwarding on LS300, as described in the steps.
I have chosen a static IP address of as the DHCP range is to Is this a correct static IP address?

Many thanks,
MS-Comm-Document-2010.pdf (4.01 MB)