LS300 AT commands

We are trying to use the LS300 over RS232 to send SMS using standard AT GSM commands explained in the European GSM 07.05 … 50000p.pdf
We just need 3 commands to work:

  1. Ping the device: AT^MONI (currently we get error but actually any reply is ok we know the modem is alive)
  2. AT+CSQ: we only get a reply if we put a question mark at the end so AT+CSQ? but the reply is always 0 (zero)
  3. AT+CMGS=01234567890|test6|60 : in this example we would Send the message |test6|60 to the number 01234567890" this simply doesn’t work, Putty freezes.

Has anyone had any experience with using this GSM standard and the LS300? Is there a plugin available or some special firmware to get this going?
We need this working as we have an industrial controller that is able to send SMS using the GSM 07.05 standard and it looks like the LS300 only supports custom AT commands but we hope there is someone out there that can help?

you can try procedure provided in this link … id=iframe0

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