LS300 and VPN not working

Hi everybody,

I contact you about a IPSec VPN mount between a LS300 and a Zywall USG300 router. I apologize in advance for my english.
I don’t understand why but the VPN connection work well but I can’t ping the IP of the LS300 device.

Here the log of the USG300 :

After the connection, I must launch a ping from the LS300 to the USG300 (inside the tunnel) to make the VPN Tunnel work. Without that, the VPN is connected but doesn’t work.

Is it a normal behaviour ? There is no “keepalive” option that applies to an IPSec VPN (i can only see this option on SSL VPN)?

Here is a screenshot of LS300 VPN configuration :

Thank you in advance.


  1. If all tunnels are disabled, can ping function to the modem’s WAN ip?
  2. What is the PINGS Response set to in Aleos?
  3. How’s split tunneling set up?
  4. What points are actually being pinged with the tunnel enabled? ? WAN IP? Also, from which point.

If you continue to have problems, your might want to work closely with your reseller.