LS 300 VPN Ipsec to AVM

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I am trying to connect the LS 300 gateway via VPN IPsec to my avm fritz!box 7490. I already enabled VPN on my router which gave me the following data to establish a VPN between fritz!box and a IOS / Android device. Can somebody help/explain me where I have to make the settings in airvantage ALEOS LS300 ( /VPN/VPN 1/General:
VPN 1 Type
VPN 1 Status
VPN Gateway Address
Pre-shared Key 1
My Identity Type
My Identity - IP
Peer Identity Type
Peer Identity - FQDN
Negotiation Mode
IKE Encryption Algorithm
IKE Authentication Algorithm
IKE Key Group
IKE SA Life Time
IKE DPD Interval
Local Address Type
Local Address
Local Address
Remote Address Type
Remote Address
Remote Address - Netmask
Perfect Forward Secrecy
IPSec Encryption Algorithm
IPSec Authentication Algorithm
IPSec Key Group
IPSec SA Life Time

Available VPN information from fritz!box:
Server “
Account “Sierra Wirless”
Password “xyz”
Preshared key “xyzyxyyxyxyx3yxy”

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I have exactly the same question!
how can I connect the LS300 with the VPN of the Fritz box?

These parameters should be set for IPSec VPN on LS300 gateway (go to VPN tab):

  • General -> IPSec Implementation: Standard
  • VPN1 ->Type: IPSec Tunnel
    -VPN client/server mode: client
  • VPN Gateway address: server IP or hostname
    -Internet key exchange : ike version is the same as on server
  • Local subnet: subnet on your site
  • Remote subnet: subnet on server site
  • Authentication: Pre-shared key
  • Pre-shared key: xyzyxyyxyxyx3yxy (key should be the same as on server)
  • IKE Algorithms and ESP Algorithms: the same as on server (example: IKE: aes256-sha256-modp1024 and ESP: aes256-sha256)
    The other parameters can be set to default.
    If you want to access services that are out of VPN, please go to “Split Tunnel” item and set “Allow” with Incoming Out of Band/Outgoing Host Out of Band.
    Appy all configuration and reboot.
    Hope it can help.