Loss of communication of 3 4 seconds with RV55 LTA PRO

I’m facing with the following issue.
I have a windows PC connected to Internet through a RV55 router with a pubblic ip. Sending continuous ping from a different pc with Windows OS as well with a pace of 1 second several times a loss of communication of 3 or 4 seconds is observed.
Since I have to test the communication with a private protocol (cyclic protocol where data are sent each 500 ms)between two nodes characterized by the following architecture:

  • Node A connected to Internet through fiber with a public IP
  • Node B connected to Internet through RV55 LTA PRO router with a public IP

I would to understad which can be the root cause of this loss of communication which triggers a misalignment between the two node due to the normalization of the protocol.
Which can be the cause?
Thanks for any suggestions

Hi @pasquale-manuele.gri
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Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. What firmware version is your RV55 running?
  2. Which interface of RV55 that you are connect to Windows PC? USB or Ethernet?


Good Morning
and thanks for the answer.

  1. I have installed the last Firmware version available: EM7565_01.14.02.00_SIERRA_002.023_001.iso
  2. Connection between Router and WinOS PC established with ETH cable


Hi @pasquale-manuele.gri ,
To rule out the issue caused by your Windows PC, please try connecting your RV55 to another Windows PC.
Do the issue still happen in this case?


I have tried either connecting the router with different PC with Windows OS or using a second RV55 LTA PRO device since due to our activities we have bought 7 of them for the time being. Could the problem be linked to:

  • ethernet interface (today I will try to perform a test with usb connection)
  • specific sw configuration on the device


Hi @pasquale-manuele.gri ,
According to your previous comment, the issue didn’t happen when you using another PC Windows, right ?


I apologies to forget to mention that same issue has been observed also changing Windows PC

Hi @pasquale-manuele.gri ,
According to Release Notes 4.15.3 I found that to achieve optimal uplink performance with Windows PC an up-to-date Ethernet driver is required as shown below:

Please refer to this information, Do the issue still happen in this case?
For the RV55 Hardware User Guide refer to this link: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/hardware_reference_docs/airlink_rv55_userguide/#sthash.dWDegweS.dpbs


sorry for the answering delay but i was in vacation.
Unfortunately tests have been conducted with all eth drivers updated meaninng that the periodic gap of communication has been experinced even with eth drivers updated :