Loosing Wireless Connection

I’m connecting to a GX450 wirelessly with a laptop. It works fine for about a week and then the GX-450 needs to be reset. It then works for about a week and then it’s the same thing all over This is the second unit we sent the first one back and they sent us a new one it’s doing the same thing. I have 19 other units that work without a problem. Not sure what’s going on with this one. The laptop can see the access point it just won’t connect to it. The laptop will connect to other access points without a problem.

Dear Customer,

For Technical Support for the AirLink modems such as MP70, RV50, ES, GX, LS, Raven and PinPoint modems (including all applicable documentation, Software development, and drivers ) please contact your reseller from where you purchased the product.

Our reseller channel is equipped to handle your support requests directly. We will co-ordinate your support request with the correct channel.

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