€ logo adds fourth 0 at the end of the message send by SierraWirelessGL8200


As i said on the title, when we send a message contening the € character, the massage sent will have fourth additionnal zero at en end of the message.

I don’t hunderstand why. It it the protocol or is it a bug?

Take care



So what you have here is an oddity. The Euro symbol is not actually in the GSM alphabet which is what you need to use when sending data in 7 bit coding to get the 140 characters. As soon as you want to add a euro character the you need to change the entire SMS alphabet to UCS2, this is what a phone does at the point that you hit the send button.

So how are you coding the data up? Also how are you viewing it? On a phone?



Hello Matt,

Well for the first question, I code my data in a software, and i ame confident on it , I checked the message sent:
15:08:39.674 SMS.GSMModem (Debug): [th 38ac] WriteLine : 00480065006C006C20AC006F00200077006F0072006C0064�//Hell€o world

I receive the message on an other modem and it receives the same message, when it resends the same message:

SierraWirelessGL8200 receives:
15:09:16.459 SMS.GSMModem (LowDebug): [th 3e90] ReadLine : ‘00480065006C006C20AC006F00200077006F0072006C00640000’

Whereas it works well with the others characters:
Modem Seria sends:
00480065006C006C006F00200077006F0072006C0064�//Hello world

Modem B receives and send back the message

Modem Seria receives:

To finish, I tested with several diffferent phones (From android & Iphone) and on modem. I saw the same behaviour.