In SMS message some charecters are sending as Space


Hi All,

 I am working on Fastrack Supreme. When i am trying to send the SMS below mentioned text:

char text[160]=" 120202|Waiting for a Connection to~NC/PLC$04/23/2008^12:00:00AM;" If i send this text as SMS. On the receiving it is comming as
120202 Waiting for a Connection to NC/PLC$04/23/2008 12:00:00AM;

the symbols like ~ ^ and | are not coming. These symbols are replaced with space.

Could anybody please tell me what is the reason behind this.

Thanks & Regards


Hi ariseramesh8,
I have the same problem with you. Maybe these special character are define as space in the font code table of WCPU.


Hi ariseramesh8,
I get out the reason that make these special symbols display as space. You must use AT+WCCS to re-config the default Custom alphabet extension. Review the AT+WCCS for more detail.


Can you say me, how to send such an SMS?

Would be nice to see some code!



This can be done by using the custom table provided by Wavecom. Say for example, you want to send “€” in SMS. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  1. AT+CSCS=“CUSTOM”, this will select the character set used as “CUSTOM”
  2. AT+WCCS=1,0,128

    This is because, ASCII code of "€ " is 128 (0x80). Thus the character 0x1B must be set at the position 128 of the Custom to GSM conversion table. WCCS command is used to update the custom table.

Now, you should be able to send “€” character in SMS. The same procedure can be adopted to send other special characters. As suggested by trthaithong, it is always good to refer the AT command guide :slight_smile: