Locking an RV55 to a specific EARFCN?

I am using an RV55 to connect to an SDR-based cell for which I am controlling the cell parameters. I would like to lock the RV55 to search only on a specific EARFCN to speed initial connection and reconnection on drop. Is there a way to lock the device not to the band, but to a specific EARFCN or limited range of EARFCNs?

Hi robert.croswell,

No, It does not support locking the RV55 to a specific EARFCN.

OK. If we can’t lock to an earfcn, is there an easy way to cycle the radio through low power or force the search back to the last known good channel? I’m trying to speed re-acquisition on loss of signal.

Hi robert.croswell,

No, there isn’t.