Location Plug-In .dwl on SWI site faulty?


Hi … uuhhhmmmmm… everyone,

I have found that trying to download the location plug-in .dwl file provided in the downloads section of the XM0110 gives me a “Memory Allocation Error”. Anyone else find the same?

I tried on a Q2687RD R7.44.



Hey Tyrone

Yeah, I got the same thing. The reason is that the .dwl is over 500k (about 520k I think), so if you don’t have enough memory allocated to your application, it can’t install the dwl. Try using AT+WOPEN=6,128 which will allocate 120k to A/D storage, and the rest to application storage. This worked for me :slight_smile:



See: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/q2686h-firmware-r74-at-wdwl-problem-solved/3839/15 :question: