List signal strength on all available networks?


Is there a simple way to list the signal strength on all available networks?

It looks like it should be possible to do AT+COPS=? to get the list of available operators, then select each one in turn (ignoring any “network not allowed” errors) and do AT+CSQ to find its signal strength…

Would this work?

Is there a simpler way?
Is there a command that returns the list of operators with the signal strength for each one?



I don’t know such a command, but obviously it could be useful.

The CSQ command will show the signal strength of the GSM even if you are not registered to any operator. ( I presume it will show the highest available one, but i am not sure) Anyway i noticed, if you register to a network, this command will show you the used GSM signal quality but you should wait a little bit and make several measurements because this value is not updated fast, and i noticed that the gsm module not always find the best BTS at the first time for the specific location after registering.

So i also think you can go through every operator, but i think you should spend a little time on each one. ( at least 1 minute )

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Ah yes - good tip! :smiley: