Signal Bar on the UI


We would like to display signal bar on the UI. I have some questions here to get the signal strength:

  1. Any difference between AT+CSQ and AT!RSSI? to get the signal strength? Both of them can be used to get the signal strength, which one is more suitable?
  2. For 2G and 3G network, the formula CSQ=(113+RSSI)/2 is correct?
  3. How to map the signal strength to signal bar status? Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor, No signal, Any reference?

Best Regards.



I used AT+CIND? which returns a whole bunch of ‘Indicator’ values - including Signal Quality and Service availability. It looks as though +CIND is designed for putting info on a UI.

Have a look in the AT commands guide for more info.

ciao, Dave