How to find the Signal Strength for GPS?

I am a newbie for wavecom. I want to know how to get signal strength for GPS. It is possible for GSM with “AT+CIND” command. But i dont know for GPS.
Pls tell me is there any AT commands or ADL to get the signal strength for GPS. I want to display the GPS signal strength in my LCD display.
Could some one help me out?

There is no AT command, you simply have to parse the standard NMEA frames.
You can have information on the NMEA sentence contents here:

You should look at GSV sentences to get the list of satellites in view and their associated signal quality. Example for 11 satellites:


As the above suggests, note that there is not a simple “Signal Strength” value for GPS.

(even with GSM, the “Signal Strength” value is not a complete description of the coverage “quality”)