LCP trouble

Hello to everybody!
I needed to develop 2 SIM GSM module.
I used 1 Q2686 module and 1 Wismo218 module.
Q2686’s UART2 is connected to UART1 of Wismo218.
Also I start bearer over GPRS of 2686 and it works fine.
I need to access Wismo’s GPRS trough UART2 of Q2686 by opening bearer over UART2.
But the following error occurs:
[UART2]: LCP negociation failure.
I need 2 bearers on 2 different network operators, so when first of the operators have a trouble with gprs I can switch to the second operator and vice versa.

Could somebody help me!

Thank you!

As far as I know WISMO modules do not initiate LCP negotiation. Check if it has to do anything with this.