+KCNX_IND and HL6528x

Where can I find the explanation of the codes returned by KCNX_IND on the HL6528x ? The manual AirPrime_HL6_and_HL8_Series_AT_Commands_Interface_Guide_Rev18_0" has a paragraph about the KCNX_IND event, but it is only for the HL85xx series…

The info about +KTCP_NOTIF also seems to be wrong, i’m receiving +KTCP_NOTIF: 1,12 from my module, but the table for the HL6528x on page 520 of the manual only goes to event #11.

Hi @allardpotma
I assume you are using a HL6528RD and not a HL6528 which has been EOL since a while already. If it is the case, you can refer to the dedicated AT command guide which includes KTCP_NOTIF# until 13. It is available on the Source website:

Let me know if it helps