Dear All,

I’m using the HL8548 now. Will change it to RC series soon.
But anyway, I have communicate with the HL8548 by serial.
All of sequences are working well.

When I try to connect AT+KTCPCNX, sometimes return the message KTCP_NOTIF.
-It has various reason to get a message KTCP_NOTIF. Network error(0), TCP disconnection(4), TCP connectioon error(5), etc…
At that time, I tried to close the session by AT+KTCPCLOSE. But it has return the message “ERROR”.

Which one is right when got KTCP_NOTIF?

does it work if you connect again?

I may tried but not worked to send the message KTCPCNX again.
Is it possible? I’ll try again for clearence.
Thanks jyijyi.

if not work, probably you need to delete it and re-enter the context