Is there a way to determine the number of times a module has restarted

We have large numbers of the HL78 and HL76 in the field and when they are returned faulty its difficult to determine why. Is there a command to read the number of reboots the module has been through ?

for HL76, you can check:


For HL78, you need to enable +KMON:

thanks for the info.

the log that returns for both is quite long, is there any documentation around the EXCEPT and XLOG ? Regarding the HL78 , I have KMON set at 2 however AT+EXCEPT and AT+ XLOG are providing an error.

EXCEPT OR XLOG is for hl76 module …
However, the oldest crash record will be erased if the record storage is full, not sure if it really reflects the total crash of your modules…