HL78 reset

I have reset HL79 with Reset_N_N button. Now I am getting a lot of binary messages and am not able to access it. How long does it take to reset the module?


So a few questions.

  • What firmware version were you using?
  • What interface are you seeing the ‘binary’ messages on?
  • What triggered this to happen vs normal boot mode?

The reset line should cause the unit to reboot within a few seconds (depending on what the trace mode is set to which can have a boot delay timer built in for debugging purposes). Either way the unit boots pretty quickly.



The issue is resolved since I was not trying to access the module on USB0 port. The firmware is upgraded to the latest one. Now I have issue I can not communicate with the module over the main USB port (ttyACM0,1,3). These ports are not responsive.