Is there a serial command manual

I am trying to develop an interface between a PIC24 with embedded C to a 7702 running Octave over UART1. I cannot find anywhere a manual that lists the serial command protocol. Does anyone know where I can get it please. What I want to do is the capture the data from our sensors, package them up into a data string, transmit it over UART1 to the Octave cloud. But nowhere can I find any C code or a manual


So you are probably after the ORP (Octave Resource Protocol)? Have a read and see if it does what you want.



Thanks Matt - I’ve been to that section but there is no manual for serial commands, it just tells me how to wire up a serial connection. What I am after is a list fo the commands that can be sent over the the serial port. Do you know if there is a manual with them listed? e.g. how to transmit over the UART the latest data from an external sensor? What is the format of the command string?

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This will help you. Commands via ORP service are determined by the packet type.

Thank you - that is exactly what I needed

The ORP protocol reference is also included in the online documentation here:

I have reviewed the ORP documentation and tried to replicate the example using the python scripts in which I got stuck as there was a requirement for a PyCRC version 1.21 which cannot be found…
I am not interested into the python environment as I need to create my own interface in an MCU (same case as the Original Poster), however I tried to replicate the python environment for testing the ORP and have a starting point.
From the documentation it is not clear to me how a serial frame is created, for instance, I see that one dependency in python environment is a module to calculate CRC, however CRC is not even mentioned in the documentation as part of the frame format…
Is there any additional documentation that explains the frame format with an actual serial stream example (as it would be send over the UART), so I could make my own interface?


Hi Luis, this page gives the description of the protocol: