Is it able to change WIP_COPT_KEEPALIVE delay time?


Hi all, I use WIP 3.0 and i want to use WIP_COPT_KEEPALIVE option to keep track connection state, but default value of KEEPALIVE as i know is 2 hours, it’s too long, is it able to change this value? I’ve try WIP_COPT_KEEPALIVE option but it’s seem only bool value to enable/disable KEEPALIVE feature. I can send a special packet to server as ping packet but it need to redesign my application protocol.
My situation is like this: modem application create a connection to server, then it waits for server send back any command, modem process command and send result to server. So, modem side is passive, and i’m finding the way to checking the connection is lost.


you can alway’s send a byte every 15 minutes or so.

i’ve found that with vodafone netherlands the timeout on a tunnel trough their nat-routers is 15 minutes.


oh, but in my application, there’s a channel that work as transparent, any data send from sensor go through modem and to server decoder application (it’s OEM application).
so if i sent any other data, i’ll need to make a wrapper protocol.