Connectivity Fails after some length of time has passed



I am in the position where I have a working application that needs to be updated. I feel comfortable doing this - however, I am completely new to Open AT and Wavecom. The person who initially wrote the program has left and tied up in another project , so he is unable to help out. Moving forward - are there any resources available that describe how to maintain connectivity through long periods of inactivity.

The application needs to be responsive. So the overhead of establishing an http connection after the previous session is lost doesn’t really work. I am needing to figure out a way of staying connected at all times. Any suggestions, links, or comments would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: . Thanks in advance!!


i guess you want modem to stay connected to gprs all time. To do this, you can reconnect gprs when you receive WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED event. Or you can investigate KEEP_ALIVE option.


Two problems with this:

  1. The OP specifically said he wanted to avoid the overhead of reconnecting;
  2. When the network operator releases resources because you haven’t used the channel for some time, you don’t get any event to indicate that it’s happened!

Or just ensure that you don’t leave the link idle - send some kind of “heartbeat” message to keep it alive…


KEEP_ALIVE seems the only option… you can send a dummy packet after some time cyclically to make the connection active… reconnection you cannot consider otherwise WIP_COPT_FINALIZER option could have been helpful…


In the generic sense, yes.

Whether you choose to implement it by using the WIP KEEP_ALIVE feature, or with your own “heartbeat” message is up to you…


yah correct… 8)


Thanks for the replies!! This gives me a few options to work with. I’ll let you know how it goes!! Thanks again!