IP forwarding

Hi All,

Does anyone know if it’s possible in OpenAT do program IP forwarding? I want to be able to forward ALL ports from the WAN IP to one LAN IP. The port forwarding API only allows the forwarding of up to 64 ports, but what if I need more?


Don’t know the answer for OpenAt. But isn’t it easier to buy a router?

Sorry, I don’t quite understand your setup.
Are you using Fasttrack model and then for the ethernet side, you connect more than one client(e.g. PC)?
Are you going to forward some of the port receive from the Fasttrack to a particular PC client?
If so, then the OpenAT Port forwarding function can help you.
Please refer to document"WIP_Open_AT_IP_Connectivity_Development_Guide.pdf" Section 4.18. Port Forwarding Management.

And you are right, for port forwarding function, only 64 entries can be used.

Hi juijui,

I am connecting an industrial Ethernet device to the fastrack, and want to port forward a range of ports - greater then 64. What I wanted to know is if there was some other way to port forward a large range of ports i.e. like IP forwarding, so that any and all ports are forwarded. From what I can gather, this cannot be done - unless you know of another way?

If all you want to do is make the unit remotely reachable while it already has an tcp interface (which I assume it has, otherwise you won’t want to forward all these ports), why not add a simple router e.g. homesupport.cisco.com/en-eu/supp … RT54G3G-EM, far cheaper then a sierrawireless modem. [haven’t check specs though, but google will find one which will port forward allot if that’s all you need]

You need a special gsm connection to have a static ip and allow all incoming connections though…