IoT Modules 5G EM9190 getting Base Station coordinates

Please guide me if the Sierra Wireless 5G Development Board Kit EM9190 has the option to receive/capture the Base Station coordinates. Please point me to any related Tech/Reference Document on this. Thank you.

Hi @achyut.shrestha ,
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As far as I know, on the module side only get information like: Location of module, Cell ID, Location Area Code


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Thank you @jerdung . As 5G has the feature of finding the location by Time Difference of Arrival(TDoA) and Angle of Arrival(AoA) one of the requirement is to capture the info/data from Positioning Reference Signal(PRS) from the Base Station(gNB) Downlink. How can this be captured and monitored in this EM9190 Development kit. Can we make use of User Mode’s lite-QMI or lite-QMUX or do we need to tap in deep down at Kernel Mode of ‘qcserial’ or ‘qmi-wwan’ Thank you in Advance.