IOT FOTA implementation using Sierra BX310x

I am working on OTA, using STM32f143ZHT6 controller,
and BX310x sierra module is in my custom board,
I have stuck here, how to transfer the .bin file or .srec file(file size nearly 1Mb) from my local server to MCU internal memory /External memory
please share the information
Than you in advance…

you can use this tool in Windows PC:

Probably your MCU needs to be a transparent role so that BX31 is just ike connecting to the windows PC.

Another way is to use AVMS to upgrade the BX310x module firmware.

i want to do update MCU firmware.

i don’t know how you upgrade your MCU

is it possible to send a .bin (1mb) file from local server to mcu flash memory using sierra module?

I saw there is tcp and http command in bx31

Am not able to find any AT Command to send a file to my local server through sierra Bx310x, if you have any idea how to send a file, please suggest me.

how about using http post or put?

Am not able to find any AT Command to receive a file from my local server through sierra Bx310x, if you have any idea how to receive a file, please suggest me.

Have you tried +khttpget?

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Yes, I have tried and am able to get small amount of data.
But my requirement is to get approximately 1Mb data from server.
for that am thinking of implementing chunked transfer-coding mechanism.
does sierra Bx310x supports chunked transfer-coding mechanism?

i think you need to try with http1.1 in +httpcfg.
Also your server needs to support “Transfer-Encoding: chunked”

Is there any other method is there other than chunked transfer - coding to receive huge data from the server without data loss, to support sierra Bx310x.

You can split the 1Mb file into multiple files such as 100 smaller files, and then you can download one by one

is this sent by your apache server?

yes, it is sent by my apache server.

then how can I change your apache server?

As per your suggestion, I have split the file into multiple smaller files of size 2Kb each, and I am downloading one by one using +KHTTPGET command using a for loop, but my MCU board is rebooting after the 3 files are downloaded.

then why did you mcu board reboot?

it is automatically getting rebooted