Help me! Where can I find the bx3105 spi communication guide?

I would like to control the mcu and bx3105 modules via spi communication, but the bx310x manual I found did not give clear instructions.
Where can I check the communication protocols and clocks needed for spi communication?

see if this helps you:

Thank you very much.!!!
But I have updated the firmware version. And I confirmed that the following text is printed.

Sierra Wireless Copyright 2018

If the above statement is output, dummy-slave-msg is not output, but after that, dummy-slave-msg is output again.

So I think there is a problem with the data transmission, but I can not solve it.

I created the data format below and sent it to for.
And stored in an array to check the return value of all the data.

typedef struct format {
byte command [CMD_MAX]; // command 2bytes
byte payloadLength [LENGTH_MAX]; // length 2 bytes
byte more; // more
byte reserved [RESERVED_MAX]; // reserved
byte payload [PAYLOAD_MAX]; // payload 256bytes
} spiFormalt;

spiFormalt protocol = {
{0x00, 0x01}, // command
{0x00, 0x03}, // payload length
0x00, // more
{0x00, 0x00, 0x00}, // reserved
{0x41, 0x54, 0x0d,} // payload

for (int i = 0; i <CMD_MAX; i ++) {
a [i] = SPI.transfer (protocol.command [i]);
delayMicroseconds (3);

As a result of checking the output, it is filled with DUMMY-SLAVE-MSG from the eighth element to the 22nd element, and the rest is output as all zeros.
I can not go on in this part anymore … Is there a good way to solve this?

What is the value of CMD_MAX, LENGTH_MAX,PAYLOAD_MAX?
From your code, you seems only send the command…

did you pull the GPIO17 to high?
did you connect SPI chip-select of BX module?
What do mean by DUMMY-SLAVE-MSG from the eighth element to the 22nd element?
Is there is any output from BX module?

I have a problem getting an answer on spi.
All my requests are answered “DUMMY-SLAVE-MSG”.
How to send a command and receive a response in accordance with the Protocol ?
If possible, demonstrate with an example.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello Engineer and jyijyi
Has this problem a solution as we have exactly the same problem here.
We get the Sierra wireless reply correctly but following that we get a DUMMY-SLAVE-MSG from the BX3105 but it does not start at the beginning of the frame but some time after e.g. 15 bytes of 0 followed by the start of the frame.
Why do we not get the frame starting when the CS is selected and the clock starts?
Thank you