BX310x FW update failing

I have an application and found the BX3105 might be a good fit. I have a couple of questions. I have an old dev board with old FW on the module. I was not able to get the combined station/AP mode to work as I expected. I was able to get it configured as documented, got DHCP to work, got an IP address from external source, and can connect to it via wifi. But apparently some routing issue appears to be blocking data from the local device passing out to the externally connected interface.

Question #1: Can you verify my understanding of the expected behavior is correct, i.e., in the combined station/AP mode it should be possible to connect to the BX31xx ssid and send data to through the externally connected (STA) access point to the web.

The FW on the board is very old. ati3 shows 1.3.0 I have successfully downloaded available FW update versions for the Sierra Site and was able to upload the binary to the device using the Windows tool provided. I observed the “Bytes Written” progress which appears to correspond to LED activity on the board. Each attempt concludes with “completed update with 0” which appears to be successful. However, when rebooting, either through manual reset or AT+RST command, the unit reboots with the same R1.3.0 FW version. Initially the latest FW version (2.7.3) was used for the update attempt was attempted; subsequently, earlier versions were attempted with the same result.

Question #2: Can you tel me how I can successfully update this firmware on this board and why I am experiencing the behavior I am observing?

Thank you