BX3105 wifi not able to connect station mode and acces point


I’m trying to connect the BX3105 station mode to its own access point. But it is not possible, we are getting a resonse of: +SRWSTASTATUS: 0,201
Which indicates, disconnect and STA failed to scan the target AP.

I cannot find any information in the documentation that this is possible or impossible.
The commands are as followed:

At this point i get the response: +SRWSTASTATUS: 0,201

I am able to connect to it by phone, and also am able to open the webpage.

The purpose of this connection is to set the module as a access point and a station, then connect to it by PC/Phone and start communication to the host that is connected to the BX3105.
Because the station connection is not being setup the module is not given any IP address the PC/Phone can talk to.

Does anyone know if this is even possible? If so, did i forget a step?

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We managed to figure this out on our own. So here is the solution for anyone that would like to know.
This only works for firmware version 2.5.0-2.

It turned out that the order of commands is important and should be as the following:
AT+SRWSTANETCFG=1 //setting up DHCP should be done first.

Then this part can be executed to setup a tcp server on port 33
AT+KTCPCNX= **<session_id>

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