BX3105 WiFi not working as Access Point


I hope, that someone can help me here with a little problem with my development kit of the BX3105.
I try to set the device to work in the combined mode. What I use:


After this, I use my Android 7 Smartphone and try to connect to the Access Point.
The BX3105 shows a connected device, but after a while the device is disconnected and my smartphone shows that the connection is not possible.

I also tried another Smartphone with Android 9. Same result.

Is there another trick for getting this to work?

The revision of my device is 1.3.0. I also cannot get it to update.
When I try to use the firmware updater v2 the procentage runs through to 100% and says it completed update with 0, but the version afterwards stays 1.3.0.

I really hope someone has a solution for this problem.

Best regards,
Tim Koczwara