Hi, i am using this example, work fine but when i off and on the application, configuration sms is missing and i have to send again the sms to configure tcp socket. Some body know who save the sms configuration?


Hi danietepa,
All the parameter that config by SMS as “IP”:“IPAddr”:“Port”:“APN”,“Username” do not store in the flash, they are just variable, so they will be get the default value when you turn off the appl. You must to modify the program to store these parameters to flash by yourself.


Do you know what function i have to modify for to do that?


Hi danietepa,
You must make family with ADL API before modify the code sample, such as how to read/write flash, … so after that you can save the new parameters in the SMS call back handler ( when WCPU receive a message).


I don´t have very knowless about programming in c. I had read a lot but i dont cant to do it. Somebody know save the sms configuration in the memory? or have any example similary?


Is there any possibility of charging the values that you want to default on the implementation? If so where must be changed?