Incoming Data Calls to UK Orange SIMs

The following all relates to networks in the UK (mainly in the South of England).

Some time ago, I was having problems establishing data calls (Circuit-Switched CSD) to the Data Numbers of Orange SIMs, as follows:

When calling from an Orange SIM, the call fails with +CEER Error 50 (“Requested Facility Not Subscribed”)

When calling from an O2 SIM, the call fails with +CEER Error 57 (“Bearer Capability Not Authorised”).

When calling from a Vodafone pre-pay SIM, the call connects successfully.

Outgoing calls from the Orange SIMs connect OK to Vodafone and O2 Data Numbers.

Thus the problem seems to be with incoming calls to an Orange Data Number from Orange or O2.

I am using Wavecom Fastrack and/or Integra devices.

Eventually, I found that AT+CBST=7,0,1 on the calling device made it all work.

Today, I tried again with AT+CBST=7,0,1 and it didn’t work: +CEER Error 63 (Service or Option not available, unspecified") :frowning:
Similarly with AT+CBST=12,0,1 . :angry:

It eventually worked with +CBST=71,0,1 :confused:

Does anyone have any definitive info on the best way to make Data Calls to UK Orange SIMs :question:

Hi awneil

I’m having exactly the same problem with my Fastrack 1306B. There is no problem with a Vodafone pay-as-you-go, but the Orange SIM data card is proving to be unreliable.

I’m using an ordinary PC-based soft modem as the calling device and notice that the Orange SIM card favours a connection using V42 bis, whereas the Vodafone SIM card prefers V42.

Another difference is with the initialisation time of the SIM cards: the Orange SIM card takes 3 times longer.

Currently, I’m trying to discover why the Orange SIM card causes my Open AT application to produce an Arm Exception, whereas the Vodafone version does not.

Strange days, but I hope you solve your problem.

Richard B.