Chosing Right Sim card in UK for M1306

Hi, can anyone suggest which network should I go for in UK? I phoned O2 and ask for data only sim card but they have not a clue what I am talking about. I kept telling them I need to use GPRS service from a modem, then they recommended mobile broadband which is 3G to me… Anyone know is WAP service compatible with this modem? Would the WAP phone setting send by O2 compatible with the modem? I have seen a lot AT command, do I need to enter these commands each time when I need to use them?

Thank you.

They are all the same in that respect - see: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1106 :frowning:

You are probably better asking your Wavecom Distributor for their advice…

If you really want data only (ie, no voice), you will have to go to a specialist supplier; but does it really matter if the SIM also has voice service - you don’t have to use it!

What exactly do you mean by “data”: CSD? GPRS? Both?

Note that Vodafone is the only UK network that will give a Data number for a pre-pay SIM

What is your application - is this commercial, or “hobby”.

The fact that you’re using a modem is irrelevant to the SIM and the network - it’s just another GSM device

As I understand it, WAP is a higher-level service that runs over GSM bearers. The M1306 provides the bearer - you would have to build the WAP on top of that.


You could try starting here:

or here:

Thank you. But I am still stuck with own-made cable, it doesn’t talk to modem using hyper terminal. Wonder where can I get the original cable for this modem. I will check again to make sure all connections have been ported correctly accross rs232

From a Wavecom Distributor, of course!

They also sometimes appear on ebay…