Inadequately Documented: Subscribe ALL Responses.

Looking at ADL User Guide v6.21:

The examples at the end of the “Outgoing Commands” section show “*” used to specify the subscribed responses

The examples do not explain the meaning of “*” here, and the descriptions of the API calls don’t even mention it at all.

One is left to guess that it means, “all responses”

One is also left wondering whether it might be usable as a “wildcard” in match strings…?

I also guess “*” means all responses and it should be documented. ADL is throwing many black and white boxes to OAT app developers. It would be nice adding a global event hook, similar to Window32 WinProc. OAT is not a embedded real time operating system. It is impossiable for OAT to catch all events/responses. For example, Q26xx/ex, OAT suppresses part of ARM946 power and is hardly to use in real-time system from my posonal point of view.

No change - one is still left to guess that it means, “all responses”

remains unanswered.