In what cases 'ADL GET MEMORY ERROR' is received?

‘ADL GET MEMORY ERROR’ indicates that the Wireless CPU has got out of memory and is not able to allocate memory dynamically. This could be many reasons for the error:
•If the requested amount of memory by the Open AT® application is not available in a single chunk. (Because of fragmentation).
•If there is not enough RAM memory and the Open AT® application is trying to allocate memory using adl_memGet () API, then function leads to an exception.
In Open AT® Application memory can be allocated dynamically (at runtime).The above condition occurs if we miss to release memory using adl_memRelease () API after adl_memGet () API allocation. Hence, it is essential that the memory is released once it is used.
It is also possible that there are memory leaks in the application itself where an allocated memory block is not released. You can use error service to capture memget errors and then check the heap status to see the availability of memory.
Please note , using Developer Studio, you can see the amount of memory being used on the top of the heap status view in target management perspective.