Error #0010 : Get memory error

Hi, I’m getting the message
Error #0010 : Get memory error… on CUS4 lv 1
and immediately the system resets.
This is happening under various undetermined circumstances except for one that is almost persistent:
When opening a TCP client socket, after receiving the server’s first ACK.

Any idea ?

Hi Juanc,
The error #0010: Get Memory Error means that there is some memory leakage in your Open-AT application. When the TCP segment arrives, eDlib internally dynamically allocates memory to send an acknowledgement to the peer. In case, it is not able to allocate memory it gives #0010 and the module resets.

Please check if there is some memory leakage in your OAT code. Also check for all the pointer references. Do not use very large chunks of memory (for example chunks of 1KB etc).

If you want to save some data, then use the flash memory to temporarily save the data and then use it later. Afterwards, when the application is idle for some time, you can erase the flash.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.

Thanks a lot, it seems I was having too many unused buffers everywhere on my code. I wonder if there is a mechanism to predict this situation, I mean something that tells you the amount of RAM being used at a given time or alike.
I tried the memory reports on TMT but couldn’t make it work.

Thanks again.