Improper module shut down


From Q24 series PTS page 53:

“Caution: It is not allowed to power-OFF the Wireless CPU® by disconnecting the supply pins VBATT and VDD.”
Question: After improper shut down(disconnecting the supply pins VBATT and VDD) on the next power on will my
application be executed? What can be damaged? Did anybody do that?

My project requires improper shut down.



You can use improper shutdown with some possibility of module damage.
Application will start execution on power restore.

Usually it is memory which is corrupted after power shortage. But actually wavecom has supervisor and also anyway application goes on even after AT+CPOF so I don’t know what is a purpose of module switch off.

AT+CPOF just stops the GSM Stack.

If the ON/OFF line is or becomes OFF after AT+CPOF, the unit will turn off.