Impossible to create a wireless Internet connection

I have tried to use expresso in order to help to create a wireless Internet connection.

I’m using the fastrack supreme 10 with an USB card extension. The GPRS is registered (CGATT=1), expresso said I’m in full service regargind the GPRS status, I have set my APN.

But every time I’m trying the ‘create a wireless Internet Connection’, it asks me to set my APN : ‘Please set your APN’. What could be wrong ?

Result of AT+CGDCONT? --> 1,“IP”,“”,0,0

I realized that your APN value “” is not registered in our Expresso’s “catalog” containing many APN values with their associated user/password values.
However, since our “catalog” entries are not exhaustive enough (It is based on informations available at :, we should better provide a way to let you continue the help tutorial (probably a message indicating that we did not find your APN value in our “catalog”). We will fix this in the next version of Expresso. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Anyway, can you tell us your related informations so that we can add those values in our “catalog”. We would need the following informations : Country, Network, APN, Username and Password.