Implementing QMI and RmNet


I was wondering if there’s documentation available on the RmNet interface and the QMI protocol.

I’m looking for information on things such as QMI message structure, message types and protocol flow.

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Qualcomm used to publish these docs to registered developers, but they seem to have reorganized their website recently so I can’t find it anymore… In any case, if you are a Qualcomm customer then you should be able to get everything you need from them.

If not, then your best bet is to look at the QMI open source code projects. All the QMI gory details you need are in the code: … bi-project;a=summary

EDIT: I found this message from Qualcomm regarding the missing documents: … ated/28206

So does using a Qualcomm-based product (such as the SiWi MC Series) count as being " a Qualcomm customer"… :question:

Better ask them about that…

But if I am to guess, then the answer is no. You’d probably have to buy a gazillion chips from them to qualify, and then add extra for firmware, development kits and support resources.