Hyperterminal Replacement

We support a lot of customers using Sierra Wireless products. Hyperterminal has been a defacto standard for a while because it was free, but not good… I wanted to open up a topic to see what terminal program replacements others are using instead of Hyperterminal.

Since we couldn’t find any FREE alternatives that had all the features we needed we wrote our own, called ClearTerminal, which we are giving out for free: clearconnex.com/content/clearterminal. Since we developed it with the OpenAT and Sierra Wireless community in mind, I’d be interested in hearing your feedback.

Nice terminal program. It has a bug with non-english letters like the danish æ ø å which gets displayed as questionmarks instead when you type them as a command.

If they’re received from the modem, then it replaces them with a space.

Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks good, and the feature list looks like you have thought about what really matters to developers - eg, hex display, and the control line status.

I’ve also never found anything that’s really suitable - so wrote my own: antronics.co.uk/downloads/comled.htm

It’s very much simpler than yours - really just for testing basic connectivity rather than use as a full terminal.
See also: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/specification-feature-list-for-new-target-management/4506/7

As a “full” terminal I used to use ProComm, but that’s no longer supported, and has a number of shortcomings in today’s systems (eg, high COM port numbers).
The main thing I miss from ProComm is its scripting, and the status “lights”.
See: 8052.com/forum/read/131378

I now have SecureCRT from VanDyke Software, Inc: vandyke.com/products/securecrt/index.html
It doesn’t have status “lights”, but does have scripting

I’ve also tried the free RealTerm - but found its interface cluttered, clunky, and confusing.

Here’s another “hyperterminal replacement” thread: 8052.com/forumchat/read/131350