HTTPSGET big latency on HL6528RD

Hi all,

We are trying to open an HTTPS session with mutual authentication to perform a GET operation from HL6528RD (FW version:
When we send AT+KHTTPSGET command, we have big latencies, i.e.:

  • average 20s to have CONNECT response
  • average other 20/30s to have the response itself (GET content)

An example of the AT commands we are using:

AT+KHTTPSCFG=1,“server_url”,server_port,0,7,3, , ,1

This happens with or without server/mutual authentication, and with different servers.
If we do the same with e.g. postman, it takes about 1-2s to have the overall response.
What may it depend on?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @sabinocolonna,
I followed your command on our module. It takes about 5-6s to complete. I thinks this the duration looks OK.



If your module gets quick response from postman, the reason might be from server that you are connecting to. Please contact administrator for more technical support

Hi @Vianney,

We tried the same HTTPSGET to “” and got different timings for CONNECT response:

  • trial #1: 13s
  • trial #2: 6s
  • trial #3: 12s
  • trial #4: 31s
  • trial #5: 13s

Please, notice that the signal quality is really good:

AT+CSQ --> 31,99

and that we are using a SIMonChip with roaming operator.
May it be a reason of such a latency and variability in our results?
Is your module HL6528RD?


Hi @sabinocolonna,
I shared the result from HL6528RD. It got a response from google page within 5- 6 s same your trial #2. I believe it’s OK from the module. There’re many factors causing latency and roaming network might be one of them

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