How to store applications directly in the Base Lagarto System area

I store the created application in Overlay Legato System and test it.
Applications stored in Overlay Legato System may be lost by the Legato rollback function.
To solve this problem, it seems necessary to store the created application in Base Lagato System.
However, in order to register an application with the Base Lagato System, it seems necessary to obtain Linux Distro and Firmware (.cwe) and integrate them into the SPK file.
Linux Distro and Firrmware are likely to be available, but changing from the shipped Linux Distro and Firrmware may cause problems.

Is there a way to store the created application (.cwe) directly in the Base Lagato System area?

I think there are 2 options:

  1. End the probation period (disable rollback) by:
    Run API le_updateCtrl_MarkGood() after your app installed to make it golden system
    Or use target tool “update -g”
  2. build and customize your own Legato system (.cwe) with your app included (modify .sdef)

Hope it helps.

Thank you very much.