Default Legato Applications

We are using WP7605 for in IOT device.
When I installed the our applications, some default applications such as “atAirVantage”, “atQmiLinker” disappeared.
Probably, our system overrode the pre-installed applications.
Are there any method to recover the pre-installed applications to the default status?

You can downgrade the fw to r13.3 and then back to r16

Thank you for the reply.
Currently, we are using SDK for WP76 (Release 13.3 + legato 19.02.0).
If we downgrade the fw to such as R12.0 and then back to R13.3, can we receover the pre-installed applications?
Additionally, if we lose “atAirVantage” and“atQmiLinker”, what do you think the problem is?

I guess it can recover pre-installed application.
Have you deleted manually those application?

OK. I’ll try that.
By the way, we did not remove the pre-installed applications manually.
When we installed our custom applications together with the “includded apps (default.sdef)”, some pre-installed applications disappered.
Above mentioned default.sdef does not included the dissapeared applications such as “atAirVantage” and“atQmiLinker”.
So, we guess that all the pre-installed applications were replaced with the newly installed applications.

default.sdef will include

#include “$LEGATO_ROOT/apps/platformServices/defaultAirVantage.sinc”
#include “$LEGATO_ROOT/apps/platformServices/defaultAtCommands.sinc”

You can have a look on these files.

Yes, default.sdef in our VSCode includes two lines that you mentioned.
But for example, “defaultAirVantage.sinc” says that if the device is WP750x or WP85, avcCompat is included.
Our device is W7605 and avcCompat will not be included.
If we add avcCompat in default.sdef, how would be the result?

you can make a test to force it to include and see what happen

I’ve added avcCompat to .sdef, but different error ocurred.
This approach seems to be not good.
Could you tell me how to reset the user area of WP7605?
Do I need to downgrade Legato to such as R12 to reset the user area of WP7605?

You can download to R12 and use swiflash to erase userapp partition.

you can see here for not downgrading :

Thank you for the advice.
I’ve installed R12 .spk file using swiflash, then installed R13.3 .spk file.
AS the result, I could recover the pre-installed applications.
Can I add our applications to the device without removing the existing applications that are not included in default.sdef?

you can first try not modifying anything, and then just do “make wp76xx” and try the compiled legato.cwe.
It should be equal to the default one.
After that you can modify /modules/WiFi/wifi.sdef to add your application.

Thank you for the suggestion.
I’ve tried to make wp76xx but "no rule " error appeared.
Some make rule seems to be necessary.
By the way, I found following three folders.
There are .adef file and some other files in these folders.
Can I add the above three applications to our system?
They are the same applications that are not included in default.sdef file.

I’ve added the following three applications to our system and built it, installed it.
After the installation, I’ve confirmed that above three applications exist in the Target.
I think my problem is solved!
Thank you for your suport.

I had thought taht the problem was solved but we are encountering another problem.
We are not sure where we had gotten the following three files.
Do you know the location where we can get them?

it should be inside build folder:

owner@ubuntu:~/leaf/leaf-data/swi-wp76_4.7.0/wp76-legato$ find ./ -name "*.update"

Thank you for the information.
At our environment, I’ve found them as follows,
Adding them to our .sdef, we can keep them in our package.
I think we actually solved the problem this time.