FX30@ UART Application was deleted after reset

Developed a user application following Sierra Wireless instructions AirPrime - WP Series and FX30 - UART to TCP Technical Note - Rev1.2.

Installed application on target FX30S.
Application was running for many days. Then after a reset the application disappeared. It no longer appears in ‘app info’. It is no longer in root.

Device: FX30S(WP7702)
IMEI: 354723090266601
FSN: VU139530561210
Firmware Version: SWI9X06Y_02.36.06.00 63d944 jenkins 2020/12/10 19:12:28
Bootloader Version: SWI9X06Y_02.36.06.00 63d944 jenkins 2020/12/10 19:12:28

For some reason legato has deleted the application. Not sure how to fix this.

Did you type “update -g” after installing the app?

No we didn’t as it was not in the Sierra Wireless provided guide. I have looked at this command and it seems like it might fix this. But it describes as for development use. What about production should we install our application with update and then update -g . is this 100% guaranteed to not allow legato to delete our application.

You can see here on adding app to legato.cwe via wifi.sdef as default application