Legato removed itself from FX30?

Hi, I have a strange scenario… I have a customer’s device that seems to have removes all traces of legato from itself… Any ideas?

I can’t startlegato, cm, fwupdate etc…

IT is connected to AirVantage… it was having connectivity issues… but somehow just went offline and on inspection has not legato…

Is there a scenario where this can happen? Is there a way to see how this happened? log files etc… logread does not offer much as it happend weeks ago…

Can the legato be restarted by “legato start”?


It does not recognise the legato command

Does it recover if erasing the userapp partition?

probably you need to download different component one by one to see which one can recover the module

  1. yocto image
  2. modem FW
  3. legato image

I’m not sure it will help, but we encounter exactly the same situation when porting our firmware from R15.0 to R15.1 (after true overlay reset). The issue was a folder/file not existing and so the init script of legato just stopped there. We just patch the init script and now everything is working well (by changing the tested path to something that actually exist).
In our case legato was still there (the readonly partition) but not mounted in the userspace where cm/fwupdate can be called.

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Thanks for the reply. Where do I look for the read only partition?

To check if legato is completely removed or can’t start due to factory reset (like us).
You can check with something like this in SSH:

find / -name cm

If command, output path with ‘read-only’, you are in the same situation as we were. The normal output is this (when legato is properly mounted):


Thanks for the idea. The system does not seem to have cm anywhere…