How to start GPS automatically on launch

I am using a Dell Latitude 5414 Rugged - Sierra Wireless Skylight build 4777 (5808e Gobi)

I am trying to see if it is possible to have the GPS automatically start and track when skylight loads. Currently, Skylight starts automatically when Windows 7 starts but the GPS doesn’t start. It needs to be manually enabled every time.

what module are you using?
Does it accept AT!GPSAUTOSTART command?

The device type is: EM7355

Did you try with AT!GPSAUTOSTART command?

Would that be a registry edit? Would you be able to provide more details?

you can try to install the skylight with command line “skylightinstaller.exe /gpsautosession=3”.
Also here my test will enable AT!GPSAUTOSTART=1.

I should just create a batch file?

@echo off
start “skylightinstaller.exe /gpsautosession=3”

Would I be able to use the /s for a silent install? Or does it not matter?

I run it on command prompt and it is not silent install.