How to setup HL7812 for LWM2M communication?

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I use a HL7812 for mobile communication.
I want my application to be able to register and exchange data with LESHAN test-server using LWM2M protocol.

I have a running application which can communicate via http protocol to a configured URL using:

I can’t find how to setup the URL for communication via LWM2M protocol.

Implementation LWM2M communication:
AT+DMSUPPORT=1 // enable LWM2M
AT+DMSESSION=1,1 // register to server

How to setup the URL from the LWM2M server?
In the AT+DMSESSION command is the second parameter ‘server_short_id’ a number.
Is it possible to assign this value to a specific URL? And if so, how to do it?

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has no one an example for setup a LWM2M communication?

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Hi @claus.carstensen,

What firmware is the HL7812 running? Which network carrier’s SIM are you using? Which server do you want to connect the LWM2M client to?

Because according to the AT command guide:
The HL78xx firmware uses the carrier client only for those carriers that have identified to
Sierra that they want it to be used instead of the AVMS client. For example, is configured to use the carrier client only for AT&T, Verizon, Softbank, and LGU+

Please refer to page 383 of the HL78xx AT Commands Interface Guide for more details: HL78xx AT Commands Interface Guide


Hi jerdung,

thanks for response!

  • the Firmware on the HL7812 is 5.5.14

  • I use 1nce SIM (roaming)
    +CREG: 3,5,“11A3”,“01AEA100”,7

  • first I will try to connect to ‘Leshan Demo Server’ for experience
    finally I will connect to AT&T server (ODIS) for registration the host device

I can do updates via Airvantage website (also LWM2M protocol),
but in this case the URL seems to be hardcoded in the HL7812.

  • What does mean? Is this the HL7812 Firware version?
    If so, can only this connect to AT&T carrier?
    I saw AT&T has certified HL7812 with firmware 5.5.8. I tested it (in NA) but connection was denied. Response: ‘PLMN denied, Cause 15’

  • For connecting to ‘Leshan Demo Server’ (LWM2M protocol) how to tell HL7812
    ‘coap://’ is the target URL

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Has anyone experience in using LWM2M communication with HL7812 and can help?

A short example would be very nice.


Hi @claus.carstensen,

You can only use the LWM2M Client Configuration with specific carrier as mentioned in my previous comment.


Two questions:

  • What does mean?
  • How to use it with AT&T? Example?

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