How to set APN username & password

In 14.04, the APN tool takes only a name:

apn set <apn name>

So how do I specify the username & password :question:


Have you looked at the below?



Also can you confirm what you mean by ‘the APN tool’?



That’s for 14.07 - I was asking about 14.04

Is this just a limitation of 14.04 :question:

Yes, I know I need to do the update - so, if it’s just a 14.04 issue, let’s not worry about it any more…

That’s the terminology used here: … usage.html

Again, that terminology seems to be outdated now - and 14.07 has a new terminology!


I don’t know but I suspect it is a documentation update or firmware update, either way I think it will have been resolved.



Cheers, Matt - I’ll just have to get on with the update…



In 14.04, the ‘apn tool’ was only able to set the apn name. Authentication was supported but you would have to manually configure the settings using the ‘config tool’. Please refer to this thread on how to configure these settings:

For 14.07, we removed all the modem service related on target tools such as ‘apn tool’ and merged them into the ‘cm tool’ ( … modem.html). One of the new features in this tool is enabling the user to configure their profile’s authentication information doing the following:

cm data auth <none/pap/chap> <username> <password>