how to see TRACE print result?


on the samples, I saw something like:

TRACE((blablabla, "blablabla"));

how can I see that print result?
I press the Traces button, but nothing happen.



Have a look at the prototype for adl_trcPrint in the ADL user guide (TRACE is a macro for this). Notice that the first argument is the trace level (Valid range is 1 - 32, but recommend you keep it below 15 as the higher levels are used by various internal functions, and can end up spamming your trace view ).

Then, when your program is running on your device, you need to select which trace levels you want to view. Click the “Remote traces configuration” button, and select the relevant ADL trace levels you wish to view (this should match whatever you have in your TRACE macro.

You should see your traces coming through.