How to read an 8bit data word via RS232

Hi everybody,

New to c programming and the GL6100, I would like to know how to read an 8bit data word via the RS232 interface.
The code that is possible consist of a RS232 standard data word generated by a PIC
(we developed three sample words for testing)
start bit, LSB,1,2,3,4,5,6,MSB,odd-parity,stop-bit
Something like this:
1000000011 (meaning Fault No.1)
1000000111 (meaning Fault No.2)
1000001011 (meaning Fault No.3)

Each Data word should result in sending a SMS.
One for the first word received, a different one for the second, a third for the last.
Any Ideas, Solutions?


FCM - the Flow Control Manager.

I would very much recommend that you get up to speed with ‘C’ before attempting Open-AT!

How did you program the PIC…?

First of all:


I´m forced to use a GL6100 modem and I was told that the data word would come out of the PIC.
I know how to do the “Hello World” thing in C on a PC. Not much for now I admit.
Controlling devices via AT-Commands is well known.
I hope the Idea of reading the data and reacting with an SMS is possible to program into the GL6100.

I recomend to you to implement port reading and sms sending separatelly.
After that merge the two parts in one program.

To implement port reading you could read my UART1 Echo Sample [url]]

And to implement sms sending read SMS service in adl user guide.

Thanks !
Realising the task with two seperate parts was also my first Idea.
That worked in programming on a PC.
Not used to the SiWi Developer Studio maks the adaptation a little hard.
I try to understand sample program code for the Modem.
If anyone wants to send me some that does what I need, feel free. :mrgreen:

It is all done for a student project no commercial use!


This is to hard to understand in 4 weeks.
Guess I’ m out of Open AT.
So long…