Receiving datas from RS232

Hello everybody !!
I’ve got a problem.
I want to receive datas from the RS232 port to embedded application. So have I used the Ftp sample application. In this program, the application switches the terminal from AT Mode to Data Mode. Then we can enter the characters string to be sent to the ftp server. But my problem is that it is only sent if the Control-z character is entered at the end of the string.
If not, the application is always listening to the port and does not stop it. And I just want to receive datas byte per byte without entering the Control-z character. Is it possible ?
I use DTL and ADL libraries and my version of Open-at is the 3.10 one. I’ve read the documentations but I’ve not seen a function who could resolve my problem…

I am trying to get something similar to work. Can you forward me any commands you found to work?

Thanks in advance


//try timer interrupt

void timer()

if(no data received in last x seconds)


//Good luck!