How to monitor signal strength while in data mode?



Once the GPRS connection gets established, is it possible to periodically monitor signal strength and other network statistics without breaking the connection?

If not what is the suggested method to monitor SS for a telemetry application that needs to be online 100% of the time?




Catch the usolicited response from modem to the command AT+CCED=1,8.

This is my working code:

adl_atUnSoSubscribe("+CSQ:", (adl_atUnSoHandler_t)CSQ_Handler);
adl_atCmdCreate ( "at+cced=1,8", FALSE, ( adl_atRspHandler_t ) NULL, NULL );

bool CSQ_Handler(adl_atUnsolicited_t *paras)
{ ascii tbuf[256];
   wm_memset(tbuf, 0, 256);
   wm_memcpy(tbuf, paras->StrData, paras->StrLength % 256);

   // extract SS from tbuf
   val = bufGetArgInt(tbuf);
   SystemState.NetQuality = val;

   return FALSE;     //no return to ext. application

More details in AT_Command_Interface_Guide.

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